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Your provider of Ecocentric products

Safetek International, Inc. is a Florida-based holding company that is engaged in discovering and developing opportunities in the organic, bio-degradable, zero carbon footprint or other “green” technology spaces of commerce. We are dedicated to offering the public highly effective organic green cleaning products that protect families, pets and employees from the harmful and allergenic effect of many harsh, chemical-based cleaning products.

We Stock & Distribute The Following Product Lines


Bio+Green Crystals
Non-Toxic Cleaners

The world’s first nutraceutical grade, zero waste natural cleaning products. They are 100% safe for your family, safe for the planet, and strong enough to handle all your cleaning needs.

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I+I by Lesspak
Commercial Cleaners

No other Bio-Degradable, Zero waste cleaner comes close to matching LessPak’s combination of serious cleaning ability and the green benefits of Lesspak Industrial and Institutional Cleaners.

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Athletic Skin Shield

A line of uniquely formulated topical skin protectants for athletes. Simply apply to your body to create a powerful barrier between you and the harmful elements of the environment.
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Bio+Green Crystals
Organic Handsan

The safest, and most natural way to keep your hands germ free.This vitamin based hand sanitizer is USDA certified organic, and able to kill 99.99% of all germs.
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